Awards and honors

  • 四川大学2022年本科教学质量优秀奖
  • Ultrafast Science 2021-2022年度优秀审稿专家
  • 四川大学“双百人才工程”(“校百人”B计划)
  • 冲击波物理与爆轰物理全国重点实验室成立三十年(1991-2021)“三十佳优秀论文”
  • 2013年四川省优秀博士学位论文 | Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of Sichuan Province, 2013
  • 2012年中国工程物理研究院优秀博士学位论文(共3篇)| Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of China Academy of Engineering Physics (one of the three awardees), 2012


laugh 2007年北京大学自行车协会秋实奖–工作勤奋奖(每年一名)| 2007 Qiushi Award for Diligence in Working, Cycling Association of Peking University (one awardee each year)


“The objective in physics is not to obtain the highest ranking, the highest “score”, or the highest number of prizes and awards; instead, it is to increase understanding of physics (both for yourself, and for your colleagues and students), and to contribute to its development and applications. ”

—— Terence Tao (except “mathematics” being replaced by “physics”)